Why is it necessary to play responsibly?

Occasionally, the entertainment in the gambling establishments prevents comfortable life and influences negatively on the effects on the mental state because of lack of sense of proportion. This information portal calls for the healthy relation to the game. If such a bad attitude to a gambling, there is a significant likelihood, to become addicted to it. Gambling game first of all is an entertainment and safe way to obtain adrenaline and naturally, if the luck is on your side, you can win money.

Below it's presented a list of questions on which it is necessary to answer to yourself if we have some problems with the game establishments. If a reply was positive at least on eight questions, then you need to reduce pastime in the game establishments, and to minimize or even refrain entirely on some time.

  • Is gambling affect on your reputation?
  • Whether you ever were celebrating your own victory using some extra hours of game?
  • Did you ever have suicide thoughts, after you had known about the result of your game?
  • Whether you ever have the problem with your conscience because of the game?
  • Whether you ever was playing for money to pay off your debts or financial difficulties?
  • Is the game a reason for a reduction in your effectiveness or ambitions?
  • Whether you ever were playing longer than you were planned?
  • Whether you ever were deciding your problems through the game?
  • Have you ever feel that you must come back quickly to win it all back after losing?
  • Whether you ever had strong desire to come back and win even more after winning?
  • Do you often play every cent?
  • Whether you ever were borrowing money to a play?
  • Whether fightings, frustration or stress make you want to play?
  • Did you ever sell something for the sake of participating in the gambling?
  • Whether you use reluctantly "gambling money" for ordinary expenses?
  • Whether a game was doing you careless about the welfare of you or your family?
  • Are you ever losing a working or school hours because of gambling?
  • Whether gambling ever has been negative on your home life?
  • Whether you ever did or thought about illegal activities to finance game?
  • Whether gambling is the reason of your insomnia?