List of developers of best licensed software for online casino


The game software in an online casino is its heart, engine, and the mind, without which it cannot exist. Most often, you will seldom find a casino in which there is its own software. Because it is a labor-intensive process since such products create big commands which specialize in a given direction. Namely such as designers, painters, programmers, developers of control interfaces, and other professionals. Besides, it is necessary to find music and sound effects so that gamers are delighted. Online casino purchases only a license to using the software for own project, so it cannot make changes to a program.

Do you like an appearance of the favorite slots, their graphics, profitable bonuses, and free spins of certain types? And do you want to play on the same software, but only in other casinos? Then this section is for you. For your attention, we submit the worthy list of the well-known software which has stood the test of time. Learn more about your favorite developers of gambling. Only the licensed software can guarantee a fair, safe game and randomness of winnings for players.

Different types of casino platforms


What exist of the platform for casino? There are two types of casino platforms developers which work in different spheres. The first is creators of real slot machines and other things for "physical" casinos or gambling places. More than 70 years, they create such devices, the first of which were mechanical, and brought into action by means of the gears. And the second type it is providers of gambling for the internet, which became successful during popularity boom of an online casino at the end of the twentieth century. And now, there is a new wave of popularity, as almost in all countries there is the prohibition of similar entertainments. Of course, there are special zones where you can go to play, but for most people, it is not convenient.

As we have already said, there are very many various platforms. Developers spent years of intense and seminal work in order to players could see a stylish design of the game client and website, fine art, the animated effects and original stories in slots. This work is performed by tens of the employees of the company, and leaders of this industry have hundreds of their own employees. Many makers choose one direction, and only units try to encompass everything. Therefore, it is possible to watch such situation in a niche:

  • Some only do video slots;
  • Others only do tables & card games;
  • The third only do bingo, keno and lotteries;
  • There are those who create software for games with live dealers as well;
  • And naturally, there are those who create game platforms for desktop computers and server equipment.

Online casino software companies reviews


There are those, who were just developers of the online casino at the beginning, and afterward, they started to open their casinos. For example, such way was overcome by Microgaming Company. And this is very well for players as it is one more guarantee of reliability. Still, it is necessary to mention famous Gaminator brand, which was created by Novomatic Company, and these slots are popular more than 30 years in Europe in the real gambling places. There are separate units which enhance safety and make a search for all kinds of vulnerabilities in protection.

All data are received and transmitted in an encrypted format, and technologies such as MD5 and SSL are used for these purposes. There are more opportunities for playing, and developers try to make their own product accessible in different operating systems. It is possible to play without problems on the mobile phones and tablets because there are special applications. Online casino functions in the browser by using such technologies as Html, JavaScript, and Flash. You will learn in more detail about each presented provider of the casino in reviews of software companies of presented below.

Top online casino platforms

Choose the right online casino gaming software


Why there are many platforms for the Internet casino? Entertainments in the online casino are improving and reaching new high levels of quality, originality, and grace at the expense of tough competition between the manufacturers of the game platforms. Each developer has his own go-to and famous video slots by which he is known by fans. The gambling and entertainments are developing rapidly in a virtual world, and they are needed for internet users. So, more big names appear in the industry of software production year after year.

It is difficult to make choice when there are a large number of offers. But, we assure you, each developer will be able to offer you truly grandiose entertainments. There are such leaders as Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, who permanently and continuously provide development of all industryFor example, Igrosoft's slots are very popular in Eastern Europe but are less known in Western Europe. Popular and legendary producers in Russia and the countries of the former USSR are: Igrosoft, Gaminator, Novomatic. Quickspin had become a Discovery of the year 2013 and began at once to innovate, and became a famous brand for few years. The most important, that the choice of the game platform became more difficult because of their huge assortment, but not because of specific features which only professionals understand.

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