South Park Slot Machine Review & listing where to play

How to play and win at South Park slot

The whole world knows this mad four from South Park, due to the same serial that is one of the most successful projects on television. The authors of this ingenious idea are Mett Stone and Trey Parker, a film is translated into tens of languages, though humor is peculiar here, the serial started in 1997, and maybe the episodes will come eternally. Of course, Net Entertainment couldn't simply pass by and South Park video slot is based on this story, but it isn't simple, it has lots of different plugs, because of which it's funny to play. It is worth noting that developers masterly recreated the unforgettable atmosphere, that is reigning on TV screens. In fact, this game can be easily classified to premium slot machines and a group of legendary entertainments.

In the review of South Park slot, you will get to know with its features and know why this model is unique and why you should have fun exactly in this cartoon game. You can say that there are many other modern games with stunning graphics. We will explain and tell you and this model will become your favorite. All the game is stuffed with sarcasm and black humor, and due to it, it successfully took a place in the entertainment industry. But, most importantly that it has very many built-in functions and hidden opportunities. The rates return almost 97 per cent, but it can win more than a million coins, there are four fun bonus games.

Detailed description of video slot about TV series

Kenny is dying in the casino from the slot machine, which is falling into him, after which a bunch of coins is falling out of him, adding fun to the whole of the situation. Hardcore and black humor begin before you start to play. Frankly speaking, this model doesn't use particularly popularity, but we recommend you to take a closer look at it, as it has great dispersion and you can become unbelievably wealthy by accident. You will sure have positive emotions unless, of course, such a humor is suitable for you, firstly because of a large number of bonus levels, which differ profoundly from each other and secondly, because of the number of built-in functions, which are very rare in our days.

You mustn't nitpick of the graphic execution in no case, and you become a full fifth friend of this mad company. In South Park slot is fancy animation also like in the serial, each of spins is accompanied by main and explosive music hits. At the coincidence of a winning combination, symbols turn into a fancy animation which plays with interruptions. A progressive jackpot isn't provided, the interface is translated also into more than tens of languages, so players from any region can work with all of the quirks of special game modes.

The main information and base rules of play on slot
Maximum winx7500, many coins
Number of reels5
Number of pay lines25
Wild symbolYes
Bonus gameYes
Free SpinsYes
Progressive jackpotNo
Risk gameNo
Automatic modeYes

Payouts and all symbols on reels

Here all are expected, the most valuable symbols are the main heroes of a serial, less expensive are card symbols, which return at the formation of pay line, and another charming character is possible to see from the other side. Below, we will give information on symbols, but we recommend to click on the button of the payments table and to find more detailed information.

  • Five symbols to Cartman - 750 bets per line;
  • Five symbols to immortal Kenny - 400 bets per line;
  • Five symbols to the most honest Kyle - 300 bets per line;
  • Five symbols to right Sten - 200 bets per line;
  • A - 125 bets per line;
  • K - 100 bets per line;
  • Q - 125 bets per line;
  • J - 50 bets per line.

Game process & interface

You can see the same city against of South Park game. There are draws bulbs around the game zone, and it is possible to see the pay line when the mouse hovers over its. There are only 25 and player can't change theirs count, and there are also 5 reels and 3 lines at your service. Bets are placed using the coins, but your balance and a limit of bet in an equivalent of some supported currency is displayed on a particular board. The buttons are like a color cardboard which is painted by pencil on top, and you might find this strange, but in the possession of NetEnt, it is single slot of this type. The button "Coin value" changes the pay lines of the coins, and values are in such range 0.01 – 1.00, the button "Level" changes a value of bet in a range 0.25 - 250. Notice, if you have clicked "Maxbet" button you will start the reels rotations, and the possible bet, which is based on a balance of your profit, will be evaluated.

South Park video slot has a long cycle of return of means, so prepare to a series of empty bets after a big win or switch to other game. Special symbols of bonus rounds appear only on the two last reels, and because of specifications of this game, all the time you can persistently get a certain type, here it is impossible without luck. All pay line is formed from the left to the right. As we have mentioned above, there are additional mini functions, which activate randomly, and which add up to 5 wild symbols on reels or 1 big symbol with Cartman's picture on three rows of reels. Notice, that only in bonus functions it is possible to win big money and if you played on a highest possible bet, you can get the prize up to million dollars, it has happened before several times.

South Park Bonus game and bonus features

Four bonus rounds for each of main heroes of serial are provided in South Park slot. Each additional game cardinally differs from each other and has unique features and advantages. In some, you will have directly to participate and to act, but in other just to wait for the same button. A choice of the bonus level is defined as follows: the first two bonus symbols look standard, and the third with an icon, which belongs to one or another round.

Kyle bonus spins

It is the easiest variant of the game but at the same time, you might call the actions which take place here cruel. Kyle will be throwing and tossing his younger brother, who was adopted in Canada. Actions are beginning with 10 free spins, and whenever, Kyle will be kicking his younger brother, the kid will be falling on a certain square and you will be getting a multiplied profit. There are squares with money and the place of doubling, where you will earn immediately a considerable prize, and it is also possible to take up to three free spins, while Luck is on your side. The round is considered to be complete when the counter will have 0 free spins.

Stan bonus spins

In this bonus game, you will meet "Sticky Wild" and constantly vomiting Stan, and these symbols will be randomly displayed on the reels. The first symbol is initially displayed in the very center, and the emergence of new symbols heralds a new batch of puke from Stan for his beloved. Each "Sticky Wild" remains on reels into two rotations, and if new symbols don't appear, you will have a second chance in the form of two additional rotates. If you're unlucky, the round finishes and the counting of the winnings takes place.

Kenny bonus game

This bonus round is the best because the main hero is Kenny and if you are a fan of the show, you know that he always gets in troubles. If a hero reaches an ultimate goal you receive additionally 25 000 coins. Your priority is to conduct Kenny through the main street with high cars traffic. That stunning game is an action adventure. You will really enjoy every safe step because the prize is also increasing. There is also easier way: if you choose it, you will exactly get a minimal prize. But, if you want to win a maximal prize, you must take risks. You will have only three lives and two tries. Kenny can be killed by head-on car collision, giant birds, or even by fallen plane. There are three zones on each step: Wine Zone, Multiplier, and Danger Zone.

Cartman bonus game

The round with Cartman will be the most funny. Together with him, you will water the bushes by a fire extinguisher and look for ultimate prize up to x 50 000. For example, if you play by bet for 20 dollars, you can win up to 1 000 000 dollars. As many of you know, Cartman hates Hippies, and he will be kicking them all from bushes. Most importantly, that there aren't time limits, and in theory, you can play infinitely until you won't run into a policeman. There are five hippies in the bushes for whom you will earn a certain amount of coins. If you find a couple of hippies in love, all of your profit will be doubled. There is also another kind of hippie with stereo, and if you find him, the round will restart and all your winning is transferring to your account. But, there are troubles - it is a policeman, who warns you at first, but the second time will be the last and the game will be over.

Mini Feature of South Park slot

Developers had reckoned that there won't be enough bonus games and have added three additional mini-feature in slot South Park. They activate randomly and represent additional "wild symbols", which appear by random image and count.

Terrance and Phillip

Feature "Terrance and Phillip" is devoted to the favorite serial of mad fourth from "South Park". These "wild symbols" show up just on second, third and fourth reels, and often there are only three of them. But when the luck is on your side, on the rare occasions it is possible to receive maximal five. Originally, only one appears, and then two or four others are appending on either side.

MR Hankey

MR Hankey is the most odious character in this show, which appears in several series. He shows up on reels and then jumps into a random row on the first, third and fifth reels, leaving "wild symbols" behind.


Cartman isn't only the most stunning character in this show, but also he's the most useful symbol in the slot. Big block of 3*3 can appear on the second, third and fourth reels and if you're lucky, it stops on three rows, so then you confidently can expect a big prize.

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