Aliens Slot Machine Review & listing where to play

How to play and win at Aliens Slot

When any fan of computer games or films hears reference to "Aliens", he knows immediately what this is about. This review is devoted to the slot, which bases on a diverting motion picture of James Cameron and was presented on the screens in 1986. The film series grossed hundreds of millions of dollars. If you are a fan of this story, you should read these proposals. Net Entertainment always is in the pursuit of interesting stories and exclusive solutions, and Aliens video slot was created in 2014 together with Twentieth Century Fox.

You will be in a role of the courageous space marine who break through hundreds of bloodbeasts for finally to have battled in the den and to defeat their Queen. Before the game in Aliens slot, you will be offered to watch introductory video movie and after this preview, you will know about the plot and that you need to be prepared. Events start in deep space on a big spaceship. In a word, you will find an action in conjunction with gambling. This time, NetEnt made innovative entertainment and have raised to a new level the very concept of entertainment's developing in this industry.

Detailed description of video slot about fantastic horror

You will be associating Aliens video slot more with a shooter, than with gambling. From the first spin, you are getting in the thick of it. In fact, it can be assumed that it is the highest level on which company is capable. It was used by modern technologies and the video engine by which closest rivals were left far behind. Sound effects make it possible to achieve maximal immersing in the unique atmosphere, because every sound gets you more focused on a process and not be distracted by anything else, and sound makes it even cooler.

Here, probably the most fun story from all models, which were released by this company. It is fine, and here each detail is well detailed: graphic, short videos, rich customizations, sound, interface, various of indicators. And the bonus game is another story, and that deserves a separate subparagraph. At first, it may seem not understandable, because they differ profoundly from usual rules, which exist in classic slots. But, you shouldn't be panicking, you can donate free Aliens video slot.

The main information and base rules of play on slot
Maximum win570 000 coins
Number of reels5
Number of pay lines15
Wild symbolYes
Bonus gameYes
Free SpinsYes
Progressive jackpotNo
Risk gameNo
Automatic modeYes

Payouts and all symbols on reels

Every symbol has complete sense, and every picture is directly related to the story and has a special mark.

  • "Queen of aliens" - 1 000 bets per line;
  • "Big Monster on yellow background" - 500 bets per line;
  • "Monster on green background" - 300 bets per line;
  • "Formidable Monster" - 150 bets per line;
  • "Classic Alien", familiar to everyone - 100 bets per line;
  • "Facehugger" - 70 bets per line;
  • "Chestburster" - 60 bets per line;
  • "Facehugger sitting on egg"- 50 bets per line;
  • "Open Egg" - 40 bets per line;
  • "Egg" - 30 bets per line.

Game process & interface

From the start, you will be confused and have any questions, what buttons need be pushed to run Aliens video slot, because there are a lot of symbols, and all of them are different and not look like standard pictures as in other slots. This model is supplied with 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 pay lines, which are clearly marked. A minimal bet is 0.15, maximal - 150, a count of lines can't be changed. When the line forms by three symbols or more, you can get a multiplier scored, which help you in the bonus level. Money converts in coins, which you beret for a game. You can maximum win 570 000 coins.

A wasteland on an uninhabited planet, nearby the colony of people serves as a background of the game zone. Unimportant symbols are in circles, and important ones are in special borders of different colors. But every symbol has the icons of different Multiplier, the accumulation of which will help you on all levels of the bonus game. The start of reels is made by the button, which looks like an interface of a spaceship. If a combination was formed on the first three reels, you will hear special sounds of waiting for symbols on the fourth or the fifth reels and see how the reels are slowing down. This model has high dispersion, and also a big length of a cycle.

The best bonus game

Not only the stunning graphic with the futuristic interface will be delighting you in Aliens video slot. The coolest part is the bonus game, where you will be in a role of a space marine and have guns in the hands, which you will be using for shooting at xenomorph and move forward deep into the ship to destroy the Queen and her evidence. There are only three levels.

Level One: The Search

On the top of the game zone, there is special scale, into which the special icons enter if you win on one of the pay lines. As we have said, special Multiplier sign is intended for every symbols, and but wild symbols aren't counted. The most valuable place is on the left side of the scale. For more information push the Info button. The numbers of the icons on the scale are increasing or decreasing all the time according to your results. Multiplier's level is displayed for every icon. If the same icons show on several lines, the scale will add only one. If you don't win anything, one symbol will be deleted from the scale, which is on the right side. After the cells are filled, the second level will be activated.

Level Two: The Encounter

The second level will be more fun, it is starting the main action, that which you were waiting so long. Because the bonus game is activated not very often, and if you're really unlucky, it can be finished fast. In the second level, other symbols already appear, such as a gun, a counter or locator, which displays any others nearby. Only 10 tryings are provided for every player to get the third level. At the start of the second level, all symbols from a top scale move to the middle of the game field and rotation is starting.

After every spins a small reel of the bullet will be showing up, which give you additional spins if the luck is on your side. In one spin you can maximum get two additional bullets, the number of which you can check in special counter. By every spin, you will be losing one bullet, which is used for protection against aliens. If you pass to the next level, the most valuable symbols are activated and your winning is increasing. When you're running out of bullets, it will mean defeat, but if you can figure out the end of this game, you activate the third level.

Level Three: The Hive

Let's get a little ahead, a winning in the final round multiplies your initial bet in 100. For example, if you are "High Roller" and did some bet at the rate 50 dollars, your winning would account for 50 000$, and it is only for winning in the bonus game. Right now, your main goal is a destroying of a nest with eggs and of whole the beehive. There are new symbols, specifically a rocket launcher, a counter of bullets and two reels, which counts a number of bullets in rocket launcher and an amount of grenades. There is the main counter, level of which you want to make it zero as quickly as possible because it is a level of resistance of all the beehive.

Initially, your weapon is loaded with four bullets, damage from grenade selects randomly and then the multiple for this damage is also chosen at randomly. Thereafter, fight with Aliens Queen begins. Reeling will continue as long, as you have bullets, and if your mag is empty before destroying of a beehive, the level will be over by your defeat.

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