Cosmic Fortune Slot Machine Review & listing where to play

How to play and win at Cosmic Fortune Slot

The legendary developer of video slots and games for the casino NetEnt created a game on a space topic called Cosmic Fortune. Those who played on the old video game consoles will recognize immediately this style and graphics. You will feel that you play in a video slot which is hooked up to your TV. One-armed bandits have already become not just an entertainment, but also the whole universe into which you will dive into and admire. Space topic excites the imagination, and many want to feel himself in the role of the astronaut who conquers the stars. The cold distances of the unexplored space hide not only the secrets and bright flashes of the long-dead stars. They hide the dangers, and if you really believe that Cosmic Fortune video slot will give you chance to overcome them, then you are on the right way.

It is also possible to conduct an analogy with the indie games for the desktops. Obviously, due to such design, this game stands out not just among other Net Entertainment slots, but also among other software providers. We won't tell you boring stories about the space, you will be in a role of the brave astronaut, which wasn't afraid and accepted the fight, and you will take his side in Cosmic Fortune slot, which evokes direct associations with the great and not foreseeable universe. We offer you better to test this game in the demo mode in casinos presented below.

Detailed description of video slot about space adventures

The story of Cosmic Fortune is your homeworld is attacked by bloodthirsty robots-aliens. And brave hero with a huge blue hair and big smile saves our planet with fearlessness. This slot has stunning graphics and soundtracks without depressing sirens or howlings. The talented composers and the sound producers have finished great work together with the animators and painters. The game has five reels, three rows, and fifteen pay lines, number of which can't be changed.

Return of the money is higher than at any other video slots and it constitutes 96.9%. The reels are in the form of the balls which fall down and bump each other with a pleasant clatter. The minimal bet is only fifteen cents, and maximal one for High Rollers is seventy dollars. The biggest possible winning with one bet is 735 thousand dollars, that a very cool, it is just an astronomical sum. If hover the mouse cursor over the points on either side of the game zone, it is possible to see which game lines form.

The main information and base rules of play on slot
Maximum win735 000$ (x1500) for spin, but is limited by Jackpot who can make millions coins
Number of reels5
Number of pay lines15
Wild symbolYes
Bonus gameYes
Free SpinsYes
Progressive jackpotYes
Risk gameNo
Automatic modeYes

Payouts and all symbols on reels

The space topic in all its manifestations is inherent to the symbols on the reels of the video slot. The reels are created in the form of the brilliant metal spheres:

  • The face of the main character in a spacesuit - 1500 bets per line;
  • The snout of the terrible and bloodthirsty alien with plenty of the teeth and eyes - 1000 bets per line;
  • The angry red robot with a gap between the teeth - 500 bets per line;
  • Yellow robot with stone face, as if he is in the wait-mode - 200 bets per line;
  • The rocket of dark blue color with scratches - 100 bets per line;
  • The moon with craters - 75 bets per line;
  • A falling asteroid - 50 bets per line;
  • The wild symbol in the form of “W” letter, which is engraved on a metal ball. Its role is to replace other symbols, except the Scatter. It can appear only on three reels, beginning with the second and ending with the fourth;
  • The Scatter symbol in this slot has name “Free Falls” in the form of blue icons of an energy on the gold spheres. If there are three of such symbols, then will be started the rounds of free spins.

Game process & interface

But for those, who doesn't like to risk big money, it will be better to play video slot on the small bets. Because, 100 spins will cost you 15 dollars. You can change a number of the coins by using Level Bet button. Each increase adds fifteen. Coin Value is the cost of a coin, in the range from 0.5 up to 5.00. Max Bet button makes a greatest possible bet on a spin only one time, and then you start spin by the Play button. There are from ten up to one thousand automatic spins on your choice. Just by clicking the Info button, the table with the payments and information about the bonus game and special symbols will be available for you.

Rich settings allow to change the graphics quality, accelerate the rotations of the reels by using “Quick Spin” option. If you like silence, and then switch off the sound. All NetEnt games are worthy for play. If the winning line was formed after the spin, then the symbols forming these lines disappear and new symbols start to fall and can form new pay line, that mean, the one rotation of the reels can turn in several.

Bonus game and bonus features

Often, in our reviews of the video, we do not provide a separate subtitles about the bonus games, but an information is interesting and important. Three "Free Falls" symbols in Cosmic Fortune video slot guarantee you ten free spins, and if the fourth will appear, then you will receive additionally five free spins. NetEnt maybe hasn't such slots, in which it is impossible to find additional entertainments. In addition, here you will have double luck because after finishing of the free rounds, it starts the bonus game in which it is possible to win jackpots.

The brave rescuer of the Earth will be flying on his spacecraft with a jet engine in the bonus round. And he'll be throwing shining spheres in alien aggressors, which will be getting into stylized containers in the form of the enemy robots on the soaring platforms depending on the luck. If you got luck and three balls will fall into the container with bonus, which is called “Jackpot Collector Cup”, then you will participate in the "drawing of jackpot".

At the time of the "jackpots draw", the hero of Cosmic Fortune will have already been flying on a screw apparatus, the game field become bigger, and you can see a one-eyed monster with the tentacles. He has a digital eye, which is the portal at the same time, and if shining projectiles fall into, then they can arbitrarily fly into one of three sides. There are four red robots in the form of the containers, and if the balls fall into them, then it guarantees 200 or 400 additional coins for you. Containers in the form of eyes are located below, each of which has a certain name. Three shots in the balls make you winner of a jackpot.

List of casinos where you can play on Cosmic Fortune for real money or fun
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